FileMaker Conference 2023 Basel: A professional conference of superlatives
Filemaker Conference HBSE

The FileMaker Conference 2023 in Basel was a highlight for all FileMaker platform enthusiasts and experts. It was already the tenth conference of its kind and was held in Basel this year, having previously been held at various locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With 150 participants from all over Europe, the conference was well attended and provided an ideal platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Over the course of three days, attendees were treated to more than 20 presentations covering a variety of technical topics related to FileMaker. The presentations ranged from technical aspects such as JavaScript integration in Webviewer, the operation of Filemaker Server under Linux, the use of DataMigration in the enterprise sector and performance optimization to practice-oriented technical papers and discussions. The variety of topics reflected the broad application possibilities of FileMaker and offered the participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge in different areas.

We, HB Solutions Enterprises AG, one of the largest FileMaker software producers in Europe, were also represented at the conference with a delegation of six. In addition to the professional exchange, the conference was also an excellent opportunity for HB Solutions Enterprises AG to make new contacts and network with other FileMaker experts.

Another important aspect of HB Solutions Enterprises AG's participation in the conference was the representation of the company. The conference provided a stage to present the strengths and developments of HB Solutions Enterprises AG, to a broad professional audience. The company was able to position itself as an important player in the FileMaker community and demonstrate its innovative strength.

A special highlight of the conference was FileMaker's outlook on the upcoming development cycle. Attendees were given exclusive insights into planned new features, enhancements and innovations for the 2023 platform. This enabled developers to anticipate upcoming developments and plan their projects accordingly.

The FileMaker 2023 conference in Basel was a complete success. The high number of participants, the varied presentations and the intensive networking opportunities provided an ideal platform for professional exchange and the further development of the FileMaker community. HB Solutions Enterprises AG, as a participant and representative of the Swiss developer scene, was able to benefit from the conference and expand its network. The conference has once again shown that FileMaker is a lively and innovative platform that is constantly being developed and occupies an important place in the world of database solutions. We are already looking forward to the new edition in Malbun in 2024.