Happy Holidays from HBSE Team
Happy Holidays

As we say goodbye to 2023, a year packed with innovation and achievements, we want to thank everyone that made this year special. The holiday season is the perfect moment...

Company Feier HBSE
Company Celebration

Over a relaxed aperitif and fine food, we were able to celebrate another milestone together with the Hesse Digital Insurance Group and iSure.

Our own food truck and a lovingly laid...

HBSE Cristian und Alizée
Congratulations Cristian and Alizée!

On 7/7 Cristian married his Alizée.

Congratulations again and may this love story be an everlasting story of happiness and fulfillment.

The HBSE Team

Filemaker Conference HBSE
FileMaker Conference 2023 Basel: A professional conference of superlatives

The FileMaker Conference 2023 in Basel was a highlight for all FileMaker platform enthusiasts and experts. It was already the tenth conference of its kind and was held in Basel...

Summer Town Hall & Apéro HBSE
Town Hall & Apritif

Yesterday, HB Solutions Enterprises AG, Hesse Digital AG, Hesse Digital Services, and iSure hosted a delightful "Pre-Vacation Get-Together" aperitif at KOKON restaurant in Ruggell. Despite temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, we...

Welcome to the team HBSE
Welcome Christoph

We are pleased to welcome Christoph Hanisch to our team. Christoph will actively support us as IT Security Officer.

Artificial Intelligence & Insurance Business - Cristian Hoza
Artificial Intelligence & Insurance Business

During the last few months, words like AI, ChatGPT, and Bots have become recurrent when talking about the future of IT.

A famous magazine mentions AI as the very first option...

Wir verabschieden uns
Good bye!

We say goodbye to our longtime employee and colleague Werner Oertli in his well-deserved retirement. Werni has actively supported and driven us since the beginning in our system iSure in...

Frohe Ostern HBSE
Happy Easter

The HBSE team wishes you smiles, sunshine and plenty of sweets this Easter💐

Welcome to the team HBSE
Our two new team members are...

Since the beginning of this month we have two great new additions to the developers team. A big welcome to Joachim and Andreas. We are beyond excited to work with...

Party HBSE
End of the year party

What better way to end the year and celebrate the festive season than with a dinner and bowling party?

After a lovely and tasty dinner, we headed off to the bowling...

Happy New Year HBSE!
Happy New Year

We wish you a happy, healthy and bright 2023!

Merry Christmas HBSE
Merry Christmas

As the year is coming to an end we would like to share one last post and look back at 2022. First of all, a very big thank you to...

Welcome to the team HBSE
Welcome to the team!

We are delighted excited to welcome new members to our Team, Sven Gröschel and Cristian Hoza will be working as Software Developers. The will be further develop already existing products...

New Office HBSE
New Office announcement!

The time has come! The doors to our Zurich office are officially open and ready for our employees to enjoy!

Welcome to the team HBSE
Welcome to the team!

We are delighted excited to welcome a new member to our Team, Joachim von Götz will be working as Senior FileMaker Developers. He will be further developing already existing products...

New branch office

May we introduce you to our new branch office in Zurich?

On the first of September we will move into our new office in Zurich. This means more opportunities for our...

Wo Steht InsurTech jetzt?
Where is InsurTech now?

Even though COVID is not gone yet, there are some noticeable post pandemic changes in the InsurTech industry. Most of us have worked from home for a significant amount of...

Our ergonomic office

The HBSE office in Ruggell benefits from an ergonomic setup. All desks our are adjustable in height. These desks incline productivity levels, even on a short term. Other than that,...

Lernen Sie das neueste Mitglied unseres Teams kennen... Bürohund Kyra
Meet the newest member of our team... Office dog Kyra

Studies have shown that there are many benefits of having an office dog. They decline stress levels during the work day and ensure more positive interaction. Overall, office dogs create...

Wie sieht die IT der Zukunft aus?
What will the IT of the future look like?

IT is in a constant state of change. New technologies, new processes result in new possibilities for programmes and applications. The networking of individual processes will gain in importance.

Various industries...