Our ergonomic office

The HBSE office in Ruggell benefits from an ergonomic setup. All desks our are adjustable in height. These desks incline productivity levels, even on a short term. Other than that, there are numeral physical benefits of these desks. For the sitting hours of the workday, we have high quality adjustable desk chairs. By investing in these high-quality products, we are not constantly updating or replacing the office furniture. This is a big part of being environment conscious workspace.

Because we care about more than physical benefits, the office has floor to ceiling high windows. This helps to boost energy levels and reduce stress. Overall, it makes people in the office happier. The big windows give daylight during the whole workday. We cannot forget about the amazing view these windows give us. Everywhere you look, there are mountains and even the Rhine is visible from the office.

Environmental consciousness plays a big part within our office, even in the small things. Soon there will be the possibility to charge electric vehicles in the garage. Additionally, the coffee machine uses coffee beans and not the single use (aluminum) capsules. And of course, we recycle all our plastic. Our soft drinks are delivered by a local business. This reduces emissions while supporting a local business. That is a no brainer, right?